research projects

Our research interests include love, passion, peak experience, flow, hope, creativity, peak performance, positive leadership, positive youth development, cultural evolution, and the impact of new technologies on developmental trajectories. We are passionate about cross-cultural qualitative research, and finding out which positive psychology applications, programs, and interventions work for whom, when, and in what context.

In 2013 we embarked on a research trip that took us to 22 countries on six continents. We conducted 150 in-depth interviews from the Navajo Nation to the wild of Southern Africa to the islands of Fiji on the subjects of love, passion, and peak experience. Our findings were published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, and presented in a feature length film, North of Normal, provided below.  We are continuing our research in this area.


community partnerships

We work with community based organizations and schools that wish to amplify their reach and impact with limited resources. We partner with community leaders, education leaders, and boards to identify and apply for suitable grants that could fund their community development initiatives. Additional services include advice, capacity building, workshops, and other activities designed to strengthen and enrich a community. 

We are currently exploring potential partnerships with community organizations in Arizona. We would be delighted to hear from community based organizations and schools who are interested in partnering with us.