We are proud to work with leaders committed to building high performing, thriving organizations.

Our clients and partners are international, based in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Scandinavia, SE Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East.

We consult in a number of sectors, including private equity, management consulting, technology, financial services, engineering, project management, environmental services, consumer products, higher education, workforce development, commercial real estate, professional services, entertainment, food & beverage, athletics, and non-profits. 


Angela worked directly for me with very important and senior level clients on many sensitive assignments. She was consistently thorough, insightful, and added substantial value to the clients. The direct feedback on Angela from the clients was very positive. She was also a pleasure to work with, took great initiative, and showed an appropriate sense of urgency.

- Ted Bililies Ph.D, Chief Talent Officer and Global Head of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness at AlixPartners

LiveInFlow Consulting have been tremendous partners in work in behavior change. We have relied upon them over countless projects where we needed to understand the academic literature on a real-life business problem. They have also been instrumental in helping us create new marketing frameworks based on the science...As I worked at Procter & Gamble for 21 years, I am used to the very highest level of professionalism and, dare I say, perfection in execution...and Angela and Monica meet this high standard. I recommend Angela and Monica without hesitation.

- Daniel Epstein, CEO of Daniel Epstein & Associates

We had the pleasure of working with Angela in several areas -- helping rising managers, as executive coach, on culture initiatives and goal alignment. She has a wonderful approach that combines compassion with facts, frameworks and intellectual honesty. We look for opportunities to tap Angela's talents!

- Deidre Paknad, CEO of Workboard

We hired Angela to find a CEO for our pre-seed startup. She diligently placed ads for us, screened candidates, and checked references for us. Through her, we discovered our CEO and all without having to pay a pricey executive search firm. We hope to return to Angela for more requests!

- Phil Dhingra, Founder at Titan Seal

Angela was a pleasure to work with. Extremely passionate, hard-working and great to engage in conversation with. She is very organized and makes HR issues much more manageable. She has a great ability to engage with recruits, ask the right questions and conduct a deep analysis to uncover any potential issues. Any company that uses her services will be very well served.

- Chris Housser, COO at Polymath

Monica and Angela were excellent partners for an evaluation project designed to understand the impact of a nonprofit foundation on grantee organizations delivering youth sports programs. As part of the evaluation, they interviewed executives and coaches at grantee organizations, analyzed the data and presented results at the foundation’s board meeting. Monica and Angela are outstanding communicators and were very responsive to feedback while delivering outstanding work. I would absolutely partner with them on future projects.

- Dr. Tiffany Berry, Research Associate Professor, and Associate Director at Claremont Evaluation Center

Angela was a fantastic help for our business. She provided some incredible insights about our team and clear framework and recommendations to improve our team operations. I highly recommend Angela and would work with her again.

Edmund Griffith, CEO of Kawada Australia

Superb work provided by subject expert. I am really happy that I found this provider [Monica Montijo] and plan to work with her again.

- Alison Mathiebe, Author & Trainer, www.callcenterknowhow.com

After receiving a Deep Dive assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, and through continued follow-up Angela really helped empower me to take full advantage of my leadership potential and make a more influential impact on shaping the future of our company. I have openly referred to Angela as my muse and credit Angela with a renewed vigor for becoming an impactful leader. Thank you!!

- Christopher Smart, Pipeline Division Manager at SPEC Services Inc

Angela Mouton and Monica Montijo provided evaluation and research services to the Irvine Valley College (IVC) Student Success Center and Office of Research, Planning & Accreditation...Angela and Monica advised on the design and development of a systematic observational protocol to assess the quality and effectiveness of IVC tutors, and conducted observations of tutors in English, ESL, math, science (amongst other subjects) over a period of three months. They were both wonderful to work with and consummate professionals. They interacted well with our student population and were attentive to our feedback as they designed the research study. We were pleased with the data and interpretation, as their findings have informed the development and improvement of tutoring services at the Center. The unique research methods also generated outside interest and we were able to present the findings at recent educational research conferences.

- Dr. Brooke Choo, Coordinator of the Student Success Center, Irvine Valley College.

I had a wonderful experience consulting with Angela. She was wonderful to work with and her expertise helped immensely in addressing our issues and setting us up for future success. And I couldn't be happier with the new hire. Thanks, Angela!

- Jesse Casper, CEO of RocRooms

Angela was a joy to work with. It was always easy to communicate with her throughout the project and she was always open to suggestions on things to tweak/refine. The quality of her work was very strong. Overall, she had a very positive attitude and I hope to work with her more in the future.

- Chris Lele, Magoosh